RPG RPG Maker [とらいあんぐる] くノ一椿 / Kunoichi Tsubaki (RJ221304)

Jul 2, 2014
Defeat H, seduction, erotic traps, whorehouse etc...
A simple & easy RPG of Kunoichi (female ninja) comes with plenty of H situations!

* Overview
-- Synopsis

In the Sengoku period......

Evil beings that prey on humans' ill wills
called "Busho" are rampant around.

Under Busho's threatening oppression,
people have no option but to obey them.

Into the darkened world penetrates a ray of light----

Owning power countervailing Busho,
yet likewise lurking in the darkness.

People call them "Kunoichi"----

* Concept & H Situations

To punish Busho threatening people, they gather information around the town in the daytime.
With enough information, sneak into the castle and strike enemies down using various Jutsu (arts of ninja)!

- Defeat H
They say Kunoichi is a Japanese type of Kukkoro ("Damn, kill me!" situations typical for female knights).
Which means being defeated by an enemy means r*pe! Although Tsubaki is
highly-skilled agent especially in erotic techniques, she drowns in sexual pleasure.

- Seduction
She uses temptation techniques to get information.
Get close to the target in the guise of a waitress,
get useful information by means of erotic seduction!

- Traps
Of course, there are various traps situated in the castle for security.
If she overlooks the presence of a trap and falls into it......?

- Whorehouse
The economy allows no one to live on without money. Kunoichi is not an exception.
If you want to earn money quickly, working in a whorehouse can be recommended.
But if she does too much in a whorehouse... Well, check it out in the retail version!

* Systems

- Backstab Attack
Press the OK button right behind an enemy to carry out a backstab attack.
It causes the enemy to faint, resulting in avoidance of combat.

- Henge no Jutsu (art of transformation)
With enough lewdness power, she can transform
into a cat in dungeons by holding the A button.

While the effect of Henge no Jutsu goes on, the enemies' sights
disappear but she cannot carry out backstab attack at the same time.

During which Henge no Jutsu is effective, lewdness power decreases over time.
Also, she cannot move on to the adjacent maps while it is activated.

- Pleasure Level
Tsubaki's pleasure level increases after each H scene.
Pleasure level boosts up Tsubaki's lewd power, lust and strength.

- Lewd Power
Lewd power increase upon enemies' sexual attacks.

The more lewd power, the more Tsubaki's moves deal damage.
But it has a disadvantage that she becomes more vulnerable to enemies' attacks.

When lewd power reaches maximum, Tsubaki goes in "in heat" condition.

"In heat" has both advantages and disadvantages.
Use this feature wisely to cope with different situations.

* "In heat" condition can be canceled by one of her Ninjutsu (art of ninja) "Seishin Touitsu (mental concentration)".

- Sexual Attacks
Sometimes enemies carry out restraining attacks.
While being restrained Tsubaki will continuously be given H attacks.

Use one of her Ninjutsu "Taisei wo Totonoeru (fix posture)" to escape from restraint!

~ And More Convenient Functions Are Implemented! ~
- Seduction
- H Scene Skip
- You can choose to see / skip scenes you have seen
- Load

* Characters

- Tsubaki
The protagonist. Having finished the ordeal in the Ninja Village, now approved as a Kunoichi.
Serious in missions but sometimes shows ignorance and carelessness.
Because she successfully overcame the ordeal, she is very confident in durability against sexual attacks.

- Aoi
One of Tsubaki's fellows. Is yet to pass the ordeal but accompanies Tsubaki
as a supporter. Characterized by optimistic and easygoing personality. Not so much
against erotic things, so she sometimes takes information by means of temptation.

- Yuzu
A daughter of Echigoya living in the town. A tenderhearted girl but annoyed by her arrogant father.
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Jungle Girl
Jun 14, 2015
Looks like it's on AS, but idk if it's legit yet. Also, I'll have to switch my VPN server for each part since their free hoster choice has a 30min DL cooldown :/


Jungle Girl
Jul 29, 2011
The AS one doesn't give the complete parts.
Dec 11, 2016
This looks to have some potential. Thanks for pointing it out.
May 2, 2018
i just have three parts ...please share the missing parts



Tentacle God
Jul 29, 2010
This looks really good, and I'm not just saying that because I'm into kunoichi.


Jungle Girl
Jan 14, 2012
Man this game is pretty great, I love the variation between the "shinobi" and "kimono" forms, about 30 minutes in, loving it. (Dont forget to save some mana to find the cat form secrets, there are a few)


Jungle Girl
Jun 14, 2015
I got to the part where I have to sneak in cat form in the tutorial, but can't figure out how?

EDIT: Okay I restarted and this time I just had to hold A like it said... Somehow my energy was depleted and I got an error sound before? Weird, but it works now so all is well :)
May 2, 2018
how can i keep the tranformation in cat? can i fuck in this form?


Demon Girl
Aug 9, 2016
I enjoyed their last game, 淫魔ネムのChuChu精液探検記 (Succubus Nemu).

This ninja game looks promising, but still not as good as くノ一陵辱伝 紫陽花 IMHO.

  • Character:
    • Main Char: Tsubaki
    • Aqua Hair Girl: Aoi
    • Black Hair Girl: Yuzu
    • Nemu (the succubus from last game) make cameo appearances all over the place. You can meet her in dungeon while in ninja garb, and she will give you various hints.
  • Main Menu:
    • Item
    • Ninjutsu (skill)
    • Equipment
    • Status
    • Option
    • Save
    • Load
    • Quit
  • Battle Menu:
    • Red = normal attack
    • Blue = skill
      • 1st skill (4MP) is fire attack
      • 2nd (8MP) is double hit attack, does a lot of damage
      • 3rd (blue fist) is to break out of grapple
      • 4th (dark eyelid) heal and break heart status
      • 5th (grey eyelid) Do nothing
      • 6th (purple skull) Give up (admit defeat)
    • Yellow = item
    • Green = Flee

1) avoid the highlighted area (sight radius)
2) During battle training for H attack, lose 2-5 times until you unlock H Scene. The 8MP attack would 1 shot him.
3) Hit Z on the ninja from behind (defeating enemies this way only yield gold, no xp or item.
4) Cat transformation training (you need MP to use this). Press and hold A to turn into a Cat (and stay in cat form), which allow you to ignore those sight radius. The slime does nothing as it just give you a tip on cat mode.
5) Lost to teacher for H Scene, beat him again for another H scene. If you are having trouble, just keep losing until you have 16 MP, and spam the 8MP attack twice.

Chapter 1:
1) None of the NPC would let you do anything... so just follow Aoi (the aqua hair girl) left and go into the hideout for some Zzz. Recollection room behind the sparkle.
2) Massage parlor (far right map) has 3 H scenes... but require $1000, $3000, $5000 to unlock. Since all your money is gone, talk to Aoi to start your mission. She will also give you a key item (green icon) that lets you return to the hideout right away.
3) Get caught and lose your first fight right away to unlock another H
4) Go back in, avoid the mob this time so you can unlock the mirror tutorial. This lets you change to plain clothes mode and allow you to have more H.
5) You can now talk to the ninja guard so you can do more H... but doing too much of this will teleport you back to the hideout (I don't know if it is raising your H meter or your level that allow you to have more H before passing out). Also, defeating the ninja this way yield no XP.
6) Change back to Ninja garb in the mirror room. Back in the main hallway, there is an old man hiding behind the boxes in the middle (must be in ninja garb or he will not show up). You can reach him from the top side, and he would give you another H.
7) Proceed to the upper left room and check the sparkle to trigger a 1-time H. This will also port you out of the dungeon (Make a save here beforehand, if you so desire).
8) Money farming: Back to the dungeon. While in plain clothes mode, go to the upper right room and H the ninja captain (the one guarding the north passage) for $5000 each time. You can then leave with the green icon key item and unlock the massage parlor H (see #2 above). He is just another trash mob as far as the game is concerned, so beating him this way is far more profitable.
8) Change back to ninja garb. Then go pass the where you fought the captain to visit the boss. Lose for another H (can only enter with ninja garb).
9) Time to save Yuzu (not saving her will give you normal end). Simply go lower right while in ninja garb, and check the sparkle scroll in the right most room to enter a secret passage... then proceed to knock out the guy.
10) At any time, if you let your MP max out, you will get a heart status. Use the green stone to return to hideout right away, and Tsubaki should play with herself to give you another H.
11) To smack down the boss, simply H a few people while in causal clothes to build up your MP, then spam the 8 MP attack. At lv3, I can H 2 normal guard + the captain while in casual.

Chapter 2:
- Inside the hideout, you can use the green scrolls to check the pose of Nemu. This will also raise your lust by 5, and is a quick way to help you reach lust cap (cap raised to 40 after defeating first boss).
- A stone statue has been added south of the hideout so you can revisit the first dungeon (no more boss/save the girl event).
- In town, there is an extended conversation with a kid in blue clothes in front of the bamboo house (just west of Inn in middle map).
1) For smacking the first boss (actually Yuzu's dad), Yuzu return your money and also give you a free onsen ticket. Since we have been enjoying ourselves during the first dungeon, we get an extra scene with picture of our naughty act :p
2) Head for the onsen (top right building in the far right map).
3) Back to the hideout and talk to Aoi to unlock the next dungeon.
4) Losing to the ninja here unlock a new H
5) There is an old man to the lower right map that would help charge your MP :) Only once per dungeon entry (must be in ninja garb)
6) Go north and then west from the old man to find a mirror, and of course there is a new H for casual clothes
7) Back track to the 1st room while in casual clothes. There is a stationary ninja in the middle courtyard (not hall way). Giving him H unlock a separate H Scene. (Later on, back stab him while in ninja garbs net you a medicine that fully heal all your HP).
8) Proceed north via the NE door (this door requires casual clothes to open). Go to the nearby mirror to the left of here and change back to ninja garb. Do not kill the stationary ninja here! Use cat mode to get pass him (press and hold A) and check the sparkle behind him for another H. (This is another 1-time H, so make a separate save if you want) :)
9) While still in ninja garb, go to the lower left exit to unlock the door. Proceed back to where you H the ninja earlier in step 7, and go west to find a white hair man for another H.
10) Funny scene: after you re-enter the dungeon. Talk to guard that gave you the wall H (step 8) while in casual clothes.
11) 2nd Masturbation scene: simply max out Tsubuki's MP and teleport back to hideout.
12) To get to the wooden crate near the stairs with the walled off area, you need to check the lamp to the far left while in casual clothes (go directly left from where the stairs is, and check the lamp against the left wall). Thanks to ghostpianist! This gives a key item for later. The trigger to unlock the lamp is from you seducing one of the guards above while in casual clothes.
13) Anyway, change back to Ninja garb and head towards the boss. Along the way, you will see a sparkle. Go cat mode (press and hold A), then check the flowers by pressing Z for another H scene. Kitty Tusbaki mode :3 (Thx to BBQ)
14) Lose to boss for a scene
15) Then come back and smack him good.

Chapter 3:
- There are new gear in the item shop (middle map, left house).
- Talk to the kid again and he will run away.
- Since you got kick out of your hide out, sleep in the Inn for a good time (H).
- The bar (left of the Inn) is finally open, can go in and buy a bottle of wine.
1) Go to the right most map, check up the red roof house on bottom left, keep saying yes (1st option) for H.
2) Then go visit Yuzu's dad any pay him $5K.
3) Lose the fight for Yuzu H (don't worry, you get to rest in the inn and retry without losing the $5K, just repeat step 2)
4) After you saved Yuzu, return to the right most map and check for the purple smoke
5) Return to hideout and talk to Aoi
6) Use the green scrolls at the top right corner of hideout to max out your lust (60), then talk to Aoi to start the next dungeon.
7) Use the mirror as soon as you enter for H
8) Return to brothel for new H. (Leaving dungeon = one day pass)
9) Back to dungeon (you can now change without being kicked out). Run up to the sparkle while still in Ninja garb for another H.
10) The usual H round up:
  • Losing
  • Selling H to guards while in plain clothes
  • Maxing out MP then using green stone for the 3rd H
  • Return to brothel every time you exit dungeon.
11) Head North to the room with the old man (he gives some cryptic message when you talk to him in casual clothes). The north door can only be enter in ninja garb (West door is blocked). Light the fire (firewood) in top middle area.
12) There is a rope trap nearby, click it for H
13) return to dungeon, return to the door area with the old man, now go west since the door is unblocked.
14) Talk to white hair guy for H.
15) There is a new casual H with the ninja north of here (may require having that wine from the bar)
16) Lose to the boss/then beat the boss.
Have to figure out the old man's message.

Chapter 4:
1) You start off with a fight, doesn't matter if you win or lose, no H.
- Talk to the kid (middle map in town), when you return to your hideout (must walk in, it will trigger a scene).
- When you take a bath in the onsen (right most map, upper right house), you will see that man again.
- Yuzu is missing from her usual spot
- There is a new guy on the south side of the right most map. After you agree with his request, go into the house and sleep for H. Beating him by running to the end of the path gets you a medicine.
2) To the dungeon, lose to trash mobs for new H,
3) The mirror is in the room in upper left, seduce enemy for new H
4) Stay in casual, go down the ladder to the basement and seduce the ninja in upper left for some intel and new H
5) Continue following the basement path until you reach the stairs going up. Ignore it and talk to the ninja directly to the north of it for dialogue, first option for H (2nd option kicks you out). You get a nice new gloves for this :)
6) Optional: Go up the stairs. The ninja closed to the left house can be seduce-spam for items... but just the usual consumable and stuff. Endurance test for Tsubaki :p
7) Back track and get into your ninja garb (if you didn't kill the first guard, letting him catch you would result in one-time H).
8) White hair dirty old man in lower right of basement level
9) Lose to boss for H
10) Go back in dungeon, if you missed it in step 7: let the first guard catches you for H (This is a one-time H, so make a save if you want to)
11) There is a shortcut to the boss. Back track to the entrance, before you even enter the courtyard, hug right and follow the path :)
11) Smack the boss.

Chapter 5:
- Yuzu came crying... don't know if it has something to do with not saving her in Ch.1
- Back track to Ch.4 boss' room and goes down the stair for new H (the dialogue is just to change her hair style, first to change, 2nd to leave it)
- Sleep at inn for new H
- Check the bar and talk to the patrons for new H
- More job at the brothel (require inn scene first)
- Visit the onsen for a scene, then go back in for H (may require bar scene first)
- To trigger the 6th brothel task... we need to trigger a cat scene in the dungeon first
1) Talk to Aoi to go into dungeon, go into combat with either the first or second guard to build your MP
2) Go to the 3rd guard by the row of flowers. Cat mode and talk to him for H
- Go to brothel for H
3) Go back to dungeon and trigger the rope trap on 2F lower left for H
- Back to dungeon for 8th brothel H (missing #7)
4) Back to dungeon, mirror is in room north of 2F entrance. Seduce trash for H
5) Seduce the lower right ninja on 3F for H
6) Mr. Licky is hiding behind a partition in upper left corner of 2F, just look for moving feat :p
7) Bald dirty old man is on 3F west side of map (outer edge) *BUG (v1.0)* Do not skip animation on repeat visit or Tsubaki's sprite will stuck in middle of screen.
8) Lose to ninja in top right of 3F for new H.
9) Lose to boss for H
10) Beat boss, you get prompt for NG+ after credit... and arg, need to save Yuzu back in Ch.1... at least this would be quick with the $50k dagger.
  • First Prompt: Select 1st option to start NG+
  • Second prompt: Top option to reset your human experience counter (not the lust meter), second option to keep your body count

In NG+, Nemu in recollection room can turn you back into a virgin (4th option). Don't know if this is required to open up yuri route with Yuzu.
After you save Yuzu in NG+ Ch.3, Yuri H #1
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Jul 2, 2010
The save you provided doesn't work because it's missing the global.rpgsave and the common.rpgsave file. this is due to how MV game saves work, its not possible to import another persons save because the data in either the global.rpgsave or common.rpgsave doens't match (as far as I know).
Could you please reupload it again with it included?
Mar 16, 2016
I enjoyed their last game, 淫魔ネムのChuChu精液探検記 (Succubus Nemu).
Chapter 2:
12) Still couldn't figure out how to get to the wooden crate near the stairs... perhaps we have to return at a later time.
In the room to the left of that blocked-off room with the crate (after the mirror), the lamp at the top left is a hidden switch. Not sure if this is a prerequisite, but the ninja tells you about it after an event with him in casual clothes. Right now all it gives is a key item kunai (not sure if useful later on).

Also, on the "Since we have been enjoying ourselves during the first dungeon, we get an extra scene with picture of our naughty act", the text reads more like someone has been painting pictures of them in those acts rather than it being tied to the first dungeon.


Demon Girl
Aug 9, 2016
Good job ghostpianist! Updating the guide for the key item kunai.
Also, what do you make of saving Yuzu or not back in Chapter 1?


New member
May 3, 2018
People playing may already have figured it out, but in the 2nd dungeon above the hidden room with the kunai is a small alcove with a statue and flowers laid before it. If you transform into a cat and hit Z on the flowers it'll activate a new H-scene.

Also with the kunai, if you go south of the hideout there's what looks to be a bubbling spot of water on by the coast. However all I've seen happen is it knocks you down and you lose the kunai as it falls into the water. Not sure if there's some Link to the Past - Wishing Well-esque mechanic to it later.