Dec 6, 2009
Five years after Xena the Warrior Princess sacraficed herself to do away with the spirit tyrant Yodoshi and freed the capture souls of Jappa, a new warlord has arisen to pick up the Conqueror mantle that Xena had long abandoned. Tiresias, a firece and relentless warrior woman from the Amazon nation has risen to the rank of Queen and strong handed te Amazonian tribes into unity to form a devastating force, overtaking many surrounding areas- enslaving Reid makes for the purpose of breeding more female and hermaphrodite warriors for Tiersias' ever growing army. The males birthed having been relegated to the role of canon fodder, forged into fanatically loyal conscripts and soldiers. Over time Tiresias and her followers have laid siege to many provinces and area in Greece. At the same time, many of the mythological creatures and monsters in the world have managed to repopulate and continue to terrorize innocent travelers and would be heroes. The land is once again in turmoil and crying out or a hero..... Do you have the courage.... Do you have the passion.... Do you have the power- to be that hero......?