Good RPG and ACT Game Devs on DLsite!


Jungle Girl
Apr 1, 2016
Hello ULMF community, I was hoping to get some insight as to Developers from DLsite you would recommend. RPG game makers I already like are: BlackTrain, Acerola, Shoku, Happy Life, Technobrake, Ahriman, Ankoku Marikoman. Also I like some ACT Devs known as: Scratch, Ultramanbo, MenacoWare and so on.

So what games do you think I would like based on these Devs. For style i really like anything of Quality Art and Solid Game Mechanics. Please Help!

Noble 6

Mystic Girl
Oct 11, 2016
Re: Good RPG and ACT Game Devs on DLsite!

Acerola, Shoku, Happy Life, Technobrake, Ahriman
Try Clymenia's games, Rune's Pharmacy, and Konjikineko's stuff.
A little further would be stuff like Noxian Nights, Platinum War Elf, and Knights of the Phantasm.
If you're interested in more of Ahriman's mechanics, Deathblight has an rpg going with those mechanics, and someone else here just released a similar game. Someone else can probably tell you the name.

Scratch, Ultramanbo
Bullet Requiem, Koooonsoft's games, Parasite in City, Kurovadis, Alchemist Annette, and Iris Action.
The Succubus games are also pretty good, but focus less on porn and don't all play the same.

Most of the rpgmaker games have full translations and I think only one doesn't have a partial. Noxian Nights is english and on their blog.
The ACT games up there other than Bullet Requiem and Iris Action have english support if not a full translation or a flat out english release.


Jungle Girl
Apr 15, 2016
Re: Good RPG and ACT Game Devs on DLsite!

Try H&Stock and Koro-chan Fan Club if you're looking for art and game mechanics.
Scalegarden, if you haven't already tried it.

And I would also recommend Clymenia.


Demon Girl
Oct 16, 2016
Re: Good RPG and ACT Game Devs on DLsite!

Princess Sacrifice and Lilitales are two of the best rpgs ive played, although both have abandoned translations 3/4th done. Although, i suspect you don't need them.
Jul 30, 2017
Re: Good RPG and ACT Game Devs on DLsite!

For sidescrolling games (ACT)
Koooonsoft's games,
Parasite in City, (By Dead Pixals)
Crisis Point Extinction (By Anon42)
Bullet Requiem
Full flaps games

Rune's Pharmacist
OneOne1 games
Acerola games
Sprite Hills games


Grim Reaper
Jul 26, 2013
Re: Good RPG and ACT Game Devs on DLsite!

Despite how I don't really like RPG Maker games that much, somehow I've gained a fondness for Dark Pot.

Their games are generally short combat rape games where you typically play as one girl, sometimes two. They typically play the same depending on whether you play as one heroine or two, and if there are two, if one dies you escape and then have to go rescue the other as she's getting raped.

Despite the fact that the games are short, simple, and get churned out pretty fast, the gameplay has somehow hooked me unlike most RPG maker games.


Jungle Girl
Nov 27, 2010
Re: Good RPG and ACT Game Devs on DLsite!

+1 Clymenia like others have said.

I really like his art style, game style and general pacing of story/H-content. Just sitting here wishing for a sequel to his hypno-aristocrat game.