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Dec 6, 2009
A place for anyone interested to place their character sheets. I will put up an example character sheet to help you out:







Fame: 0

Fate Points:

Character Points:

Body Points:

Wounds: 0


Attributes & Skills:
Hurled weapons:
Pick Pocket:

Resist Disease:
Resist Poison:



Animal Handling:
Omen Interpretation:
Read Lips:


First Aid:

Battle Cry:
Stay Up:

Specialties/Special Moves:

Special Moves:





Unique Possessions:


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Mar 31, 2012
Re: Character Sheets

Diana's character sheet:
Name: Diana Ashford

Race: Human

Role: Attendant (Slave)

Gender: Hermaphrodite

Age: 19

Height: 5'5” tall

Weight: 130 lbs

Fame: 0

Fate Points: 2

Character Points: 1

Body Points: 23

Wounds: 0

Description: Diana is a young human hermaphrodite that was born of a union between a human woman and a hermaphrodite centauress. She was born a hermaphrodite herself, with a large foot long cock between her legs, and large lemon sized testicles hanging heavily underneath. She has long dark red hair that she keep in a ponytail that hangs to the middle of her back, large F-cup breasts, light silky smooth skin, deep forest green eyes.

Just her with longer hair basically

Note: This pic is how she looks regularly when her balls are not engorged with pent up seed.

Advantages/Disadvantages: [+29D skill points]
Cursed *2: Diana has two curses upon her. The first having been laid upon her by a succubus to be unable to resist any and all succubi. (she takes double pleasure dmg from succubi and can't resist them when they make sexual advances towards her) The second was by a hermaphrodite demoness whose curse is laid upon Diana's golden slave collar, which causes her balls to swell larger when she hasn't had at least one orgasm every twelve hours. (When Diana hasn't climaxed and ejaculated at least once every twelve hours, she takes a cumulative penalty to her resistance to any attempts to engage in sex, regardless of circumstances. This penalty increases by 1D every four hours beyond the first twelve. She also takes -5 to her speed after the first twelve hours, which increases to -10 after four more hours etc... until it drops her speed to 10, but goes no further than that, at which point her balls are large and heavy at the size of softballs) [+4D for both together]

Tight/Large*2: Diana has a very large penis and an incredibly tight pussy, she deals an additional +4 PP dmg when penetrating or milking a cock with her pussy. [-2D]
Snug/Stretching: Diana's pussy can stretch to accommodate many different kinds of cocks, and is able to take them all the way to the hilt in many cases, and her cock can squeeze its way into even the tightest pussies with ease. This gives her an additional +3 PP dmg to go with Tight/Large for a total of +7 altogether. [-2D]

Massive Breasts: Diana has F-cup breasts and deals an additional 3 PP dmg on any titfuck she gives. [-1D]

Fertile: Diana is more fertile and virile, and she can impregnate or get pregnant on a 1 - 4 normally. [+2D]

Lustful: Diana is much more interested in sex, mostly thanks to her enslavement where she was raped by succubi at least three times a day. [+1D]

Sensitive*3: Diana is incredibly sensitive from the amount of sex she was forced to endure at the hands of her former captors. As a result, she takes +9 PP dmg from any source. [+6D altogether]

Multi-orgasmic: Diana can cum very often, healing back up to only half of her max body points upon having an orgasm. [+2D]

Pheromones: Diana takes -3D to all hide, sneak, etc... rolls, and friendly NPC's are more interested in sex with her. [+2D]

Lactation: Diana's breasts lactate milk when teased and as a result she takes +2 PP dmg extra from breast play.
Healing Milk: Diana's milk has healing properties, and as a result anyone who ingests it heals 1D+1 wild dice Body Points per turn drinking it. They heal an additional 3 Body Points if the wild dice roll is a 6. [-1D]

Excitable: Diana's endurance is treated as 1D lower for resisting aroused status and 2D lower for resisting Horny and resisting pleasure damage. [+2D]

Fetishes: [+16D]
Pussy fucks:
Orgasm Denial:
Anal sex (giving):
Gangbangs: (receiving)
Pet Play:
Centaur Females:
Lamia/Serpent Women:
Urethral Penetrations: (usually only by tongues and tentacles)

Whenever Diana is given a titfuck she takes, whenever a pussy is wrapped around her cock, whenever Diana is spanked, whenever Diana is denied orgasm, she takes +4 PP dmg extra from being denied orgasm whenever her penis is penetrating a girls ass, whenever tentacles are used to pleasure Diana, whenever Diana is tickled, whenever Diana is receiving a blowjob, whenever Diana is being gangbanged, whenever Diana is forced into pet play, whenever she is impregnated by any means, whenever she has sex with succubi, centaur women, catgirls, wolfgirls, kitsune, lamia/serpent women, and whenever Diana has her urethra penetrated, she takes +4 PP dmg extra for any of these done to her.

Note: The PP dmg from Orgasm Denial will bleed over towards Diana's next orgasm instead of just resetting her body points, but her orgasm will not happen until the means of denying her are removed, and it will stun her for 1d4 rounds of combat.

Attributes & Skills: (25 extra attribute points, 16 used) (100 skill points, with 29 extra from skills)
Coordination: (3D)
Hurled weapons: 1D
Instruments: 2D
Lockpick: 2D
Marksmanship: 3D
Pick Pocket: 2D

Endurance: (3D)
Resist Disease: 2D
Resist Poison: 1D
Run: 2D
Swim: 2D

Reflexes: (4D)
Acrobatics: 2D
Charioteering: 0
Dance: 3D
Dodge: 2D
Fighting: 3D
Juggling: 0
Ride: 2D
Sneak: 2D

Strength: (3D)
Climb: 2D
Leap: 2D
Lift: 2D

Awareness: (2D)
Animal Handling: 0
Conceal: 2D
Hide: 2D
Invent: 2D
Omen Interpretation: 0
Perception: 2D
Read Lips: 1D
Remember: 2D
Search: 2D
Track: 2D

Charisma: (5D)
Bargain: 3D
Beg: 4D
Bluff: 4D
Command: 0
Flirt: 9D
Intimidate: 0
Persuade: 5D
Singing: 5D
Storytelling: 2D

Knowledge: (3D)
Astrology: 0
Cultures: 3D
Disguise: 1D
First Aid: 2D
Gaming: 1D
Geography: 3D
History: 3D
Leatherwork: 3D
Legends: 0
Monsters: 3D
Navigation: 3D
Pantheon: 0
Philosophy: 1D
Reading/Writing: 4D
Scholar: 2D
Smithing: 2D
Speaking: 2D
Streetwise: 1D
Survival: 3D
Trading: 1D

Mettle: (3D)
Battle Cry: 0
Stay Up: 5D
Willpower: 3D

Specialties/Special Moves: The ones I came up with are subject to change according to your wishes

Flirt: Sex (+3D = 18 character points used): Her sexual prowess regardless of giving or receiving sex.

Stay Up: Staying Hard (+3D = 18 character points used): Can keep her erection for longer periods.

Willpower: Massive Loads (+2D = 9 character points): Spurts 3 times more seed than an average human.

Special Moves:

Fighting: Knock Down (+2D = 6 character points)

Fighting: Pin (+2D = 9 character points)

Willpower: Deep Thrust (+2D = 9 character points): Diana thrusts deeply into her lover/sex partner at the moment. This increases her chances of impregnating them by +1D and deals double pleasure damage for that round to her partner. (so for standard pregnancy roll it would be 1 – 3 instead of just 1 or 2 for successful impregnation) This special move has a drawback however of if Diana is on bottom or not in control, she will wildly thrust her hips forward at times to perform this special move and deal double pleasure damage to herself instead of her partner. These times are a based on if she's aroused or horny and change based on them, she will not perform it against her will unless she is either aroused or horny. (Once every 3 rounds during sex she'll make a d6 roll to resist, if it's 1 – 3 at aroused it works against her, and 1 – 5 at horny it works against her) (Difficulty: Opponents defense total +2)

Persuade: Pull Out (+2D = 9 character points): Diana persuades anyone who is penetrating her to pull out just before they cum to pour it all over her breasts, face, or ass, or all of the above. This is a move that Diana has to want to use, or be able to use by talking to her partner. If she has no means of talking, it cannot be used, or if she is aroused or horny, it cannot be used. (Difficulty: Opponents defense total +2)

Dance: Striptease (+2D = 9 character points): Diana does a very risque dance and strips her clothes slowly as she does. Everyone watching her dance becomes aroused, or horny if they are already aroused, targeting her specifically if they become horny. (Difficulty: Opponents defense total +1)

Speaking: Dirty Talk (+2D = 9 character points): Diana talks dirty to her lover, urging them to greater feats of sex and causing them to deal double pleasure damage to her, but triple damage to themselves. This special move can be used in the same way with the same drawbacks as the Deep Thrust special move, and deals triple damage to Diana. This means if both of these special moves backfire on her, she stands to risk taking up to 5 times normal pleasure damage. (Difficulty: Opponents defense total +1)

Dinars: 442


1 longsword: Base damage = 4, Base skill = fighting, Weapon speed = 5, costs 60 denari.
1 breast dagger: Base damage = 1, Base skill = fighting, Weapon speed = 6, costs 15 denari.
1 spear: Base damage = 3 (2 bludgeoning), Base skill = fighting, Weapon speed = 3, costs 15 denari.
1 bow: Base damage = 3, Base skill = Marksmanship, Weapon speed = 3, costs 50 denari
2 knives: Base damage = 2, Base skill = fighting, Weapon Speed = 4, costs 20 denari each.
1 quiver: 10 denari, 30 arrows in quiver for an additional 15 denari.


1 Helm: Gives -1D to all Awareness skill rolls, but grants 1 protection. (a bronze spartan helm) 15 denari
Leather Armor: Gives +2 protection. (Similar to the leather armor from Skyrim) 100 denari
Shield: Gives +1 protection (A basic wooden round shield) 25 denari


1 bandoleer: 2 dinari
1 belt: 1 denari
1 pair of boots: 5 denari
3 cloaks: 9 denari
1 pair of gauntlets: 10 denari
2 leather jerkins: 16 denari
2 robes: 8 denari
2 skirts: 8 denari
1 strophion: 1 denari
2 tunics: 12 denari
5 zoma: 5 denari
2 candles: 1 denari
6 torches: 2 denari
1 Horse: 30 denari
1 hand harp: 75 denari
5 sacks: 1 denari
1 tent: 20 denari
1 bedroll: 7 denari

Unique Possessions:

Golden Slave Collar: Diana's golden slave collar was the one placed upon her by her mistress that she is on the run from. It has a small ruby red strip running around the length of it in the middle. The more Diana is raped, the more submissive she becomes, and each time she is forced to cum, the collar turns redder as the ruby strip grows larger. When it has turned fully red, it gives off a magical signal that tells Pandora exactly where Diana is at. The longer she goes without having an orgasm, the more it turns gold again, and this is helped further along by having willing sex with a lover or friend, as it gives Diana a sense of being loved rather than being dominated.

When the collar is fully red, her cock changes into a horse cock and grows an extra couple of inches or so, and grants her a 3 temporary extra instances of sensitive. This only activates along with the rest at 100% ruby red for the collar, and lasts until the collar is down to only 85% ruby red. If at any time Diana is grabbed and raped/forced to penetrate any monster girl she has a fetish for during this time, whether they're servants of Pandora or not, she will become their willing sex slave for a full 24 hours and will not lose her erection until there are no more centaur mares to breed. (in other words until she's gotten them all knocked up)

Diana and her whole family were captured by an inferal red skinned hermaphrodite demoness named Pandora. Diana's family was her human mother Anna, her hermaphrodite centauress papa Nessa, and she had five siblings as well, four of whom were hermaphrodites themselves, two human and two centauress herms, and her last sister was a plain human woman like their mother. Diana was the youngest, and going up in age came her regular human sister Rhea, then her human herm sister Gina, her two hermaphrodite centaur sisters, Nix was the younger and Althea was the older, and the oldest was her other human herm sister Sarah. They were captured during a raid on their village that decimated their home, and they were all taken captive for their beauty, and for the ability to sire and bear children.

Her mother was taken every night by Pandora, and so was Rhea, both being forced to bear her children. At times she would take Diana and her other siblings and their papa, impregnating them as well, but mostly she stuck to their mother and sister Rhea. Diana and the rest meanwhile were taken by all manner of Pandora's servants, mostly succubi to make sure they were impregnated many times to swell their numbers more, but often they were taken by others as well. Diana in particular was often forced to rape her own herm sisters and their papa, simply because she was the youngest and the most fun to the succubi and Pandora to torment in such ways. She often ended up impregnating her own siblings and their papa Nessa as a result of this, for Pandora forbade any means of preventing pregnancy.

Diana, along with all of her hermaphrodite siblings and their papa were also often thrown into the grasp of many tentacled monsters who used them for hours on end, their aphrodisiac slimes coating their tentacles and their cum preventing the poor things from losing their erections until the creatures were done and satisfied. During these sessions, they were often left unconscious with their cocks limp and defeated and their balls drained completely dry, leaving them very sore the next day. They were given no rest though and many succubi and other minions of Pandora's teased and raped them many times even after that.

Diana was often given to Pandora's own centaur mares to breed them, all of whom were given many doses of powerful aphrodisiacs in order to force them to go into heat so she could do so, with Diana also being given many doses of the same aphrodisiacs to ensure she kept hard the entire time.

After being with her for a little over a year, Pandora laid upon Diana and all of the hermaphrodites within her family a curse, as did her succubi. Both of these curses were to help break their willpower and keep them from resisting them any at all. Diana and her family were strong willed however and managed to maintain their sanity for the most part at first. Over the next two years though Diana's family started losing the willpower to resist them one by one.

Her papa Nessa was the first to fall, after Pandora gave her to a dozen horny succubi for an entire month after the curse. The succubi tormented her by not letting her cum for an entire week straight, wrapping several cock rings around her large horse cock to ensure that she didn't cum. She begged and pleaded with them many times, but to no avail. By the end of that first week of being with them, her balls had grown to nearly the size of basketballs from how pent up she was, and the merest of touches on her cock was enough to bring her to her knees. They released her cock rings and milked her completely dry after the end of the first week, leaving her so weak that she could barely even move. After that they replaced the cock rings after she'd rested, and pent her up for three weeks straight until the very last day they had her all to themselves, and her poor balls were dragging the ground that's how large they'd gotten, and when they milked her dry again throughout that entire day, her willpower had broken and she gave in completely to them.

When Pandora saw how they had broken Nessa, she ordered her succubi to do the same to the Diana's siblings, and told them to make Diana watch as they fell. One by one Diana watched her siblings fall into debauchery, starting with Nix and then Althea, who both looked the same as Nessa, save the succubi tormented them for an entire month straight before they let them both cum. When it came to Gina and Sarah, both of them were subjected to a different treatment, which Nessa, Nix, and Althea were all subjected to afterwards to ensure their willpower to resist was broken. Gina and Sarah were given to a pair of tentacled demon women, who wrapped a tentacle around their cocks to deny their climaxes and then they raped them for hours and hours, constantly pleasuring them and teasing them. When they finally released their cocks to let them cum, they thrust a thinner tentacle cock into Gina's and Sarah's cocks and penetrated them repeatedly like that until they came inside the poor herm girls cocks, and only then were the two of them allowed to cum as they pulled the tentacles out.

Diana's turn came last, and her breaking began, with Pandora deciding to do it herself. She pent up Diana's poor balls for an entire month with a trio of cock rings, taking Diana every night herself and raping her pussy raw each night and ensuring that she had filled Diana's womb so full of her seed that Diana's belly swelled to look like she was very heavily pregnant, yet Pandora gave her contraceptives this time so she didn't get pregnant yet.

For three weeks this went on until on one night, while Pandora was fucking Diana's brains out, Diana's mother Anna came up behind Pandora and distracted her, begging for a good rough fucking. Pandora decided that Diana would be alright for the rest of that night and moved to take Anna instead. Anna looked at Diana while Pandora hugged Diana's mother to her, and she mouthed to Diana to run, for she couldn't bear to see her youngest child break like the rest of her family. Diana's sister Rhea had helped to distract the guards at the northern gate to the village, and Diana grabbed anything she could reach from the guard house while Rhea was being gangbanged by the various male and hermaphrodite guards, then after sneaking over and getting a horse, she rode as fast as she could with tears in her eyes at abandoning her family to such a fate.

Diana had made her way quite far before her horse gave out and had to rest for a few minutes at least, galloping for the most part. She checked the sacks she'd filled with the random things she found in the guard house. She'd grabbed a wallet of denari, a large one at that with nearly 500 denari, and many other things to help her start anew and find a way to rescue her family from the fate of being Pandora's sluts for the rest of their lives.

She didn't know where she was, but her collar was two thirds of the way red, and she had to find a safe place to rest, so she could sit down and masturbate at least to relieve the stress on her aching balls, which had swollen to the size of softballs and were heavily sloshing with her seed. She kept the three cock rings on for now, if only to keep her from just exploding right then and there and maybe knocking her out to give Pandora and her people time to find her.

(This is a good spot I suppose for you to pick up Tenta)
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Re: Character Sheets

Name: Gyges Aurius

Race: Human (she is now a bunnyslut)

Role: Warrior (Holy)

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Height: 4'9” tall

Weight: 115 lbs

Fame: 0

Fate Points: 1

Character Points: 15

Body Points: 24

Wounds: 0

Description: (AFTER CURSE)

Cursed: Slowly turns into a helpless meat slave with each defeat +4D
Birthday suit: No inventory, just shackles and collar... difficulty to carry items until find a bag
"Not Impressed...": + 3D to all resistance rolls. -3D
Fertile: On pregnancy rolls, 1-4 are considered hydras+2D
Lactation:healing milk -1D

Attributes & Skills:
Coordination: 2D
Hurled weapons:2D
Lockpick: 1D
Pick Pocket: 1D

Endurance: 4D
Resist Disease: 1D
Resist Poison:1D
Run: 3D
Swim: 2D

Reflexes: 4D
Acrobatics: 2D
Charioteering: 1D
Dance: 0
Dodge: 3D
Fighting: 3D
Sneak: 3D

Strength: 3D
Climb: 3D
Leap: 3D
Lift: 3D

Awareness: 4D
Animal Handling:1D
Hide: 3D
Invent: 2D
Omen Interpretation:1D
Perception: 3D
Read Lips: 0
Search: 2D
Track: 2D

Charisma: 2D
Beg: 1D
Bluff: 2D
Flirt: 1D
Intimidate: 2D
Singing: 0
Storytelling: 1D

Knowledge: 3D
Astrology: 1D
Cultures: 1D
Disguise: 0
First Aid: 2D
Gaming: 1D
History: 1D
Legends: 2D
Monsters: 2D
Navigation: 2D
Pantheon: 1D
Philosophy: 0
Reading/Writing: 1D
Scholar: 1D
Smithing: 2D
Speaking: 2D
Streetwise: 1D
Survival: 3D
Trading: 1D

Mettle: 3D
Battle Cry: 3D
Stay Up: 5D
Willpower: 4D

Specialties/Special Moves:

Special Moves:

No inventory


Shackles and Collar

Shackles and Collar

Unique Possessions:
Sex Slave Tribute collar: A metal collar with a gemstone in the middle, the object cant be removed by the owner and cant be destroyed. Grants soft light around 3 to 5 feets of the user. Slowly change body, mind and soul of the owner to be more a slutty breeder, with this change energy is produced and sended to the one than placed the collar (Witch). Every time than the character loss a fight a normal or wild dice is rolled. 1 or Eras eye bring a mayor change pennalty, meanwhile 6 or Bolt of Zeus a minor change, In case or crit fail or success the dice get rolled again, a Zeus cancel an Era and the same happens in the inverted way. Is any of these two faces get repeated in a pair then it get an even mayor change or a possitive minor one. The GM decide what the player must change in the others cases 2,3,4,5 (stat point change of place, body slutty changes, get dissadvantages or corruptions)

Magical Shackles: Cant get destroyed and as more a bimbo the character turn these change into gorgeous aditions, magicaly placing naughty rings and jewels on many parts of the user. Also can temporaly join when the user gets defeated so the winner can enjoy its meal.

In a distant land hidden in an once a time an almost dead forest, a witch with strange powers helped a poor town close the collapse, the people there has lost all theirs hopes until that time, losing their faith in theirs gods who had leave them behind, many tried to escape years ago of the doomed village only to be slayed or slaved by the towns around the forest.

Fortunately for them, this witch bring them prosperity and power again to their village what all the townspeople paid with loyalty to her, the wealth and prosperity return to this town, but as this happened the ones around it fade, attacked by monsters in the night when nobody could defend or do more than see them leave with victims of both genres in theirs limps and tentacles. Rumors about the hunting forest come then slow these bring light to what could be causing this, as the lonely town was taking lands and ghost towns which population with the weeks and months dissapeared in the shadows.

The remain realms and villages close the place send soldiers and adventurers to find out and solve this, between this and order of holy valient warriors chaste and raised to only face any kind of evil, in this group was Gyges the strongest and skilled of all his hetero manly brothers. Gyges and the rest fight agains hordes of monsters as they get deep inside the huge forest, filled once again with life and dangers, the numbers of them get reduced with each fight, but most of them reached the distant town.

There was not death on fear on this place, all as in peace so quiet to be a releif for Gyges, something was wrong, he and others wanted to investigate, but most of the soldiers wanted a moment to rest and cure theirs injures. The townpleople take care of them and feed them in a huge party, as Chaste warrior Gyges decline the offer and tried as others find what was happening, the Sun was falling and all was in order with loud music than hidden what was close to happen. The Gyges group manage to stealthy leave the town to where they could notice a dark energy, there was a temple hidden some miles away, but then fall the night, the screams and struggles come out.

Gyges and the rest of his group were pretty far from the rest to go to help and the most wise and blessed of them called Xanthus has noticed than the dark energy come from the tenple where they are aiming to reach, with their goal so close they rush so maybe if they destroy the darkness the fight in the town could end.

Then the creatures restarted to appear in their path, with each step more looks to appear, but Gyges skilled troop manage to get closer, but unfortunately the number of soldiers in arms was decreasing, they get inside the temple and when there were just five of them they get inside the room than Xanthus could notice. Inside they found a terrible truth, in her throne the witch let some corrupted humanoids kiss her barefoot in submision, the creatures still wear part of theirs military uniform than Gyges and the rest know and is really familiar, in a blink the remain of humanity on the ones close the witch fade and let only tentacle like creatures than jump against theirs old brothers in arms. There was not choice and soon the remain warriors move to kill theirs old allies. Gyges rush and wound the witch, using his great strengh and tactics to take down anything between him and his prey, then the swords behind him stop and he was the only one standing, his sword still aiming to end this darkness until a sudden dark power below the throne hit him continually until push him back , wounded he could feel his body be almost stunned, the enough for give the almost death witch time to recover and shoot her magic agains him to make him faint.

The survivors were now chained and in line. Gyges started to recover his senses when a scream at the end of the line come and fade, he and the rest of the order with just some few soldiers were slowly walking to where the eitch was making a ritual, around them the townpeople and many of theirs soldiers were looking at them, almost as a festivity. Words come and go, until Gyges could get an idea clear than they were aiming for the prosperity of this town and the fall of theirs foes. He manage to recover himself the enough to notice himself fully armored and with maybe a weapon hidden between his clothes, but he was well chained to act as also surrounded, he tried to wait to get close the witch to kill her in a single blow, until he saw his ally Xanthus take his turn, he as the rest wear a collar with a green gemstone, as also the witch, in the wall shinning in the day more gemstones were giving their light as beams to a dark totem, Xanthus tried to do something, but then a dark entity engulf him from below him.

Soon was Gyges turn and he noticed a special reception in the glare of the seductive witch. "I will make you suffer an eternity for that wound" She said getting close enough, Gyges made his move, but a shock of energy in his collar stop him in the act, the damn witch laugh and used more of her power, the dark circle get bigger than before and dark tentacles get around him, Gyges struggle and tried to attack, but in a moment he was taken by the darkness, tentacles wrap around all his body leaving fluids than melt his armor and clothes, Gyges tried to use his weapon but this also melt before touch any tendril, he could feel the pleasure invade his chaste body, but thanks to hsi training he endured and fighted trying to climb in vain until all get in darkness.

Slowly the wet in her whole nude body awaken the sleeping warrior, he was now in a dark cave, slime like substance was falling constantly over him, it was warm and it continued leaving a need to pleasure himself until the point than his hand move to get his huge pennis, but this was not there what made him turn between his legs, there was just a femenine body what make him gasp in anger, he said almost a curse, but his tone was not as before, the slime go on and in front of her eyes a strange fisure appear, what would slowly turn into her cunt, his onyx short hair has grow until his shoulders and has changed to a reddish brown tone, her ears noticed some sounds sliding getting closer, so using the last of her manly strenght she pull the chain between her shackles breaking it to free her arms and then her anckles with increasing difficulty, she was so exhausted but rush to hide herself in a small little hole, she used her hands tp cover the green light from her gemstone as a tentacle monster pass, maybe looking for her for a while until give up and move away.

Gyges manage to have time to look herself again, her body has lost all her muscle and some height, the 2mts had changed to just a 1.50mts, her femenine figure have B cup breasts and what looks to be hips of a dancer. Fighting would be a problem, but still she have her training and experience. With the time she walked at the tunnels, her body change more and made her fear than soon she would be unable to fight back. tunnels of meat, slime falling than make her wet and monster walking around were the smallest of her problems.
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Re: Character Sheets

Chryssa ("Golden Flower")
Name: Chryssa

Race: Human
Role: Amazon
Gender: F
Age: 32
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 135 lb

Fame: 0

Fate Points: 1

Character Points: 0

Body Points: 34
Pleasure Points: 44
Resistance: 8

Wounds: 0


An Amazon who had once long ago attempted to confront Tiresias as she rose to power. Chryssa failed and was banished out of the Amazonian tribe. Soon after she was left to her own means for survival, Chryssa had been subdued and captured. Some time ago, Chryssa was given a chance at her freedom. Having to gamble herself against her freedom, she again lost. Chryssa now finds herself as nothing more than a combatant and fucktoy used in games or simply for the amusement of her captors and other people of importance travelling through. Having been bought and sold numerous times, Chryssa has no real hope of escape or freedom now.

Chryssa is a 5'8" Blonde and her looks are probably what have kept her around for so long. Certainly not the best fighter, but that she loses so beautifully is what has kept her around so long. So much so that she has been able to keep the one thing that has identified her ever since her captivity. She has a necklace with a small golden flower which was how her name was created for her. Simply named after the adornment on her necklace, Chryssa does not even remember what her real name even was. In battle, Chryssa seems to have her breasts targetted early and often by her attackers.

Advantages/Disadvantages: 0 total net gain
* denotes ero
*Hearty (+10 Body)
*Sterile (pregnancy = nope)
*Lactation (+2pp from breast fondling)
*Healing Milk (target heals 1d + 1wild die per turn drinking. Heals +3 more if wild dice = 6)
*Just Getting Started (+20 PP)
*Fetish (+4 pp dmg when done by a female)
Debt (owned by another)
Extremely Competitive (will not back down from a challenge or match involving her)
Sixth Sense (can sense when she has lost and concede)

Attributes & Skills:
Coordination: 2d
Hurled weapons: 1d
Instruments: 0d
Lockpick: 0d
Marksmanship: 0d
Pick Pocket: 0d

Endurance: 4d
Resist Disease: 2d
Resist Poison: 2d
Run: 1d
Swim: 0d

Reflexes: 3d
Acrobatics: 2d
Charioteering: 0d
Dance: 2d
Dodge: 2d
Fighting: 3d
Juggling: 0d
Ride: 0d
Sneak: 1d

Strength: 3d
Climb: 1d
Leap: 1d
Lift: 1d

Awareness: 2d
Animal Handling: 1d
Conceal: 0d
Hide: 0d
Invent: 0d
Omen Interpretation: 0d
Perception: 0d
Read Lips: 1d
Remember: 1d
Search: 1d
Track: 1d

Charisma: 2d
Bargain: 1d
Beg: 1d
Bluff: 1d
Command: 0d
Flirt: 2d
Intimidate: 1d
Persuade: 1d
Singing: 2d
Storytelling: 0d

Knowledge: 2d
Astrology: 0d
Cultures: 1d
Disguise: 0d
First Aid: 2d
Gaming: 1d
Geography: 0d
History: 0d
Leatherwork: 2d
Legends: 0d
Monsters: 1d
Navigation: 0d
Pantheon: 0d
Philosophy: 0d
Reading/Writing: 1d
Scholar: 0d
Smithing: 1d
Speaking: 1d
Streetwise: 0d
Survival: 2d
Trading: 1d

Mettle: 3d
Battle Cry: 1d
Stay Up: 3d
Willpower: 3d

Special Moves: None

Basic leather clothing
Unique necklace

Provided during combat

Leather armor or whatever is provided for the combat trial

None unless provided for her

Unique Possessions:
Yellow Flower Necklace - A fairly nondescript necklace that is what sets her apart from the rest. Everyone simply refers to her as Chryssa because of this necklace.

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