Character Creation Thread

Dec 6, 2009
I will allot players from 225-300 character generation points (25 Attribute, 100 Skill, 100 Character) to make characters with.

Here is the link to DL the rulebook:

Character sheet-

Hero Types- aka Classes

Amazon: Mighty, ferocious, and proud warrior woman who set up dwellings in various forested regions in Ancient Greece.

Important Attributes: Coordination, Reflexes, Endurance
Typical Skills: Acrobatics, battle cry, climb, command, cultures (amazon), dance, dodge, fighting, first aid, hide, hurled weapons, marksmanship, perception, stay up, run, survival (forest), willpower.

Archer: Shooty McShooterman's

Important Attributes: Coordination
Typical Skills: smithing, marksmanship, perception, stay up

Artisan: The creative and artistic forerunners. Painter, writer, musician, craftsman.

Important Attributes: Awareness, Knowledge
Typical Skills: smithing, inventing, leatherwork, perception, scholar (basket weaving, glassblowing, painting.)

Attendant: Professional ass kissers.

Important Attributes: Charisma, Knowledge
Typical Skills:
animal handling, cultures, instruments, perception, persuade, reading/writing, remember, scholar (sucking up).

Bard: The entertainer, the star of the show.

Important Attributes: Awareness, Charisma, Knowledge
Typical Skills: astrology, cultures, dodge, history, instruments, legends, monsters, omen interpretations, pantheon, persuade, reading/writing, remember, singing, story telling, street wise.

Bounty Hunter: Ancient Boba Fetts.

Important Attributes: coordination, reflexes, awareness
Typical Skills: fighting, hurled weapons, intimidate, lockpick, marksmanship, perception, ride, streetwise, track

Charioteer: Hell on........ uhm, hooves.

Important Attributes: reflexes, awareness, mettle
Typical Skills: animal handling, battle cry, charioteering, hurled weapons, marksmanship, ride, scholar (chariot racing), stay up

Chronicler: Investigator, Ancient Dan Rather.

Important Attributes: Awareness, Charisma, Knowledge
Typical Skills: Disguise, dodge, flirt, hide, history, reading/writing, read lips, ride, run, search, sneak, streetwise, swim.

Entrepreneur: "You're Fired."

Important Attributes: Charisma, Knowledge
Typical Skills: bargain, bluff, geography, flirt, intimidate, perception, persuade, navigation, reading/writing, scholar (business), street wise.

Gladiator: Pit fighter

Important Attributes: Coordination, Reflexes, Strength, Mettle
Typical Skills: battle cry, cultures (gladiators), dodge, fighting, hurled weapons, intimidate, lift, marksmanship, stay up, willpower.

Healer: ............. Ugh..... Medic.....

Important Attributes: Knowledge
Typical Skills: First Aid, Reading Writing, Scholar (Medicine)

Hoplite: The tank. Man at arms.
Important Attributes:Endurance, Reflexes, Mettle
Typical Skills:Battle Cry, Cultures (Army), Dodge, Fighting (Spears, Swords), Run, Stay Up, Willpower

Inventor: EUREKA! I created a vibrator!

Important Attributes:Awareness, Knowledge
Typical Skills:invent, perception, reading/writing, scholar (area of study)

Mariner: Fit to the finish because you eats your spinach! Toot toot!
Important Attributes: Endurance, Strength, Knowledge
Typical Skills: Astrology, geography, fighting, marksmanship (ballista, catapult), navigation, reading/writing, scholar (sailing), survival (sea)

Monster Slayer: Onto every generation, one of these bastards is born.....
Important Attributes: Coordination, Reflexes, Knowledge
Typical Skills: dodge, fighting, hurled weapons, marksmanship, monsters, navigation, stay up, track.

Myrmidon: Conscripts, canon fodder.
Important Attributes: coordination, endurance, reflexes, strength
Typical Skills:battle cry, cultures (army), dodge, fighting, hurled weapons, intimidate, leap, lift, marksmanship, perception, stay up

Performer: Celebrity, actor, singer, etc.
Important Attributes: reflexes, charisma, awareness
Typical Skills: acrobatics, animal handling, dance, instruments, juggling, legends, lift, philosophy, singing, streetwise, survival (cities)

Priest/Priestess: Religious leaders
Important Attributes: Awareness, Knowledge
Typical Skills:astrology, cultures, omen interpretation, pantheon, reading/writing, scholar (god), willpower

Rogue: mischief maker
Important Attributes:Charisma
Typical Skills: bluff, cultures, dance, disguise, gaming, flirt, instruments, marksmanship, perception, persuade, ride

Seer: psychic, visionary, mystic
Important Attributes: Awareness, Knowledge
Typical Skills:astrology, omen interpretation, perception, scholar (fortune-telling)

Important Attributes: coordination, reflexes, awareness, charisma
Typical Skills: bargain, bluff, conceal, disguise, dodge, flirt, hide, intimidate, lock pick, persuade, pickpocket, read lips, reading writing, remember, search, sneak, street wise, willpower

Important Attributes: coordination, reflexes, awareness
Typical Skills: acrobatics, bluff, climb, conceal, disguise, dodge, lockpick, pick pocket, run, scholar (treasure), search, sneak, streetwise

Wanderer: It's a great big world out there and you're going to see it all.....
Important Attributes: endurance, awareness, knowledge
Typical Skills: astrology, first aid, geography, legends, monsters, omen interpretation, resist disease, ride, run, survival, swim, trading

Warrior: The fighter, the champion, those who live for battle.
Important Attributes: coordination, reflexes, strength, mettle
Typical Skills:battle cry command, dodge, fighting, hurled weapons, intimidate, first aid, geography, leap, lift, marksmanship, navigation, ride, stay up, willpower
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Dec 6, 2009
Re: Character Creation Thread

Additional Races not listed in PDF (Optional):

35 attribute points
Min attribute 3d
Max attribute 6d
Body Points: 35
Character Points: 50
Fate: 2
Fame: 0
Speed: 30

Special Powers:
Deadly Gaze- if an enemy meets a gorgons gaze he or she must make an endurance roll of 8 or better. The PC gorgon may spend a fate point to make the roll 1 higher, up to endurance 10 or higher. They may choose to have the gaze inactive when not in combat.
Claws: 2 damage
Teeth: 2 damage
Mirrors- if a gorgon meets her own gaze in a mirror she must make the same endurance roll of 8 or better as her victims or be turned to stone her self.

26 Attribute Points
Min attribute: 1D
Max Attribute: 5D
Body Points: 25
Character Points: 50
Fate: 2
Fame: 0
Speed: 75
Special Powers:
Talons- 2 damage
Fangs- 2 damage
Tail- 1 damage, on a roll of 6 on wild dice, human sized enemies are knocked prone.
Natural Body Armor- Armor protection rating 3

Lizard man
30 Attribute Points
Min Attribute: 1D
Max Attribute: 6D
Body Points: 30
Character Points: 50
Fate Points: 2
Fame: 0
Speed: 40
Special Powers:
Teeth - 1 damage
Claws- 1 damage

38 Attribute Points
Min Attribute: 2D
Max Attribute: 8D
Body: 35
Character Points: 50
Fate: 2
Fame: 0
Speed: 25
Special Powers:
Cocoon: prey subdued by a Minotaur may be encased in a sticky cocoon- victims must make a Strength roll of 8 or better to break free.
Direction Sense: Minotaurs never need to make a navigation check.

Serpent Woman
37 Attribute Points
Min Attribute: 3D
Max Attribute: 8D
Body: 30
Character Points: 50
Fate: 2
Fame: 0
Speed: 25
Special Powers:
Tail Stinger- 2 damage, on a roll of 6 on wild dice, the victim struck is turned to stone.
Seduction: compare serpent woman's charisma roll vs targets willpower roll. If the serpent woman wins, the target can't help but to be more receptive to her.
Tail Stinger- On a roll of one on wild dice for a serpent woman's attack with tail stinger she hits herself for 2 damage, on another wild dice roll of one, she turns herself to stone.
Dec 6, 2009
Re: Character Creation Thread

Ero mechanics- for those of you whom want an ero game:
Pleasure Points (PP)= Endurance+20 plus modifiers from advantages/powers)
Pleasure Damage: awareness +coordination plus modifiers from advantages or powers for foreplay. Awareness+reflexes for penetrative.
Resistance: endurance x 2 + any modifiers from advantages, etc.

When a character loses all of their resistance points, they become aroused and suffer -1D to all rolls and their points reset; once they hit zero a second time they become horny and take -3D to all rolls and must make a mettle/willpower roll of 6D or be unable to do anything but please themselves or fuck.

Pregnancy: roll 1 standard dice, on all rolls of hydra (1 or 2) the character becomes pregnant, unless Sterile.

Ero advantages/disadvantages:

(Non-Ero) Hearty: Character gets an additional +10 body points.
"Not Impressed...": + 3D to all resistance rolls. -3D
Massive Breasts: +3PP damage when tittyfuckning. -1D
Tight/Large: +2pp damage for penetrative sex- can be taken three times. -1D
*Snug/Stretching: +3 PP for penetrative sex. Stacks with tight/large. -2D
Excitable: treat characters endurance as 1D lower for resisting aroused status and 2D lower for resisting Horny and resisting pleasure damage. +2D
Fertile: On pregnancy rolls, 1-4 are considered hydras and five and six are chakrams. (Pregnancy on roll of 1-4.) +2D
Sterile: cannot become pregnant, disfavored amongst the pantheon. +3D
Fetish: characters take +4pp when subjected to particular fetish. +1D
Lustful(RP): character more interested in sex. +1D
Sensitive: character takes additional 3PP from foreplay or sex. +2D
Exhibitionist: when character is seen naked by others they get +1D to all non damage non resistance rolls, but suffer 2 resistance damage every round for every unique creature who witnesses it. +3D
Connection: character cAn get pregnant from cumming in ass. +2D
Fertile Mouth: characters can get pregnant from swallowin cum. +2D
Heat/Rut: if characters are not pregnant, roll 1 die every day. On a roll of chakram, chakrams are considered 2-6 for pregnancy rolls, +3 to resist aroused or horny status and -3 to all pp damage. On a hydra, hydras are considered 1-5 on pregnancy rolls, they take an additional +3 to all pp damage, and take 3D resistance damage when near creatures they can impregnate or be impregnated by, and an additional +1D if they already have pheromones. +3D
Lactation: character lactates and takes +2pp from breast play.
*healing milk: characters ingesting the milk heal 1D +1 wild dice Body Points per turn drinking. Heal an additional 3 body points if the wild dice rolls a thunderbolt (6). -1D
Multi-orgasmic: characters only heal half max body points rather than full after orgasm. +2D
Pheromones: -3D to all hide,sneak,etc. rolls, friendly NPCs more interested in sex. +2D
Skyclad: characters suffer -2D to all non damage rolls when not nude. +2D
Just Getting Started: character gets +20 pp. -3D
Seductive (gorgon/Serpent woman only): character gets +10 to resistance rolls when using enthrall, charm, siren song, or stunning gaze, and +4 to attack rolls with all ero powers. -2D
Dec 6, 2009
Re: Character Creation Thread

Ero powers (Gorgons and Serpent Woamn only)

Aphrodisiac Fluids: creatures that ingest the characters sexual fluids take 3D resistance damage. When they hit zero resistance they get the aroused status and their resistance resets. Should the hit zero resistance a second time they become inflicted with the Horny status. If a character has enthrall and made a target horny by this power they get a +2 bonus for keeping the target from breaking free. -2D
Apparent Innocence: the creature/character is likely to be attacked by NPCs, if in a party they are the last one to be attacked, if they are alone hostile creatures/characters will usually attempt to subdue or rape rather than kill them. +2 to charm target. -2
Charm: character rolls 3D, on all chakrams targets get charmed status. -2D
Dazzling Beauty: always at center of attention, all present creatures/characters who observe the character take -5 to see or be aware of anything but the character. +4pp damage. -3D
Energetic Foreplay: when dealing pp damage through foreplay roll 2 wild dice. On thunderbolt (6) do 2x pp damage, but on eye of Hera (1) do x0.5 pp damage.
Enthrall: a creature made to organs must roll willpower vs characters charisma or be charmed for 24 hours, every orgasm after the first in the same 24 hour period subtracts 2 from the targets roll. -2D
Pleasing Touch: characters physical skin to skin contact in combat can do foreplay pp damage rather than unarmed body point damage, -armor protection. -2D
Rhythm: character can take 2x pleasure damage from penetrative sex to do 3x pp damage to creature penetrating her/being penetrated. -2D
Sexual Tyrannosaurus: when character causes another creature to orgasm they gain a +4 bonus to resistance rolls and +6 bonus to PP damage until end of the encounter. -3D
Siren Song: the character can at any point burst out into a song, causing all creatures able to hear her focus solely on her. Each failed check gives the character a +2 to all resistance checks. If a creature/character effected by the song fails a check they get a -8 penalty for the purpose of opposing enemy stealth checks made by characters other than the singer. Characters who have the -8 and fail a third check become Stunned, Stunned characters who fail the fourth and final check become Charmed. -3D

Deny Release (This is the only exception to Gorgon/Serpent Woman only rule, as I figure it's not really magical. Kek) : The character can deny their partner orgasm by winning a Resistance check against them. For every round that the subject of this power would take pleasure damage that would reduce their PP to 0 or less, they are drained as if they did orgasm, but are denied their actual climax effectively leaving their PP at 0. For every turn in which they maintain this effect, they can drain an additional 4 EP from their partner. This effect is cumulative but is not multiplied by orgasm unless the character ceases using this power.

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